Did you know that most people will move up-to 11 times during lifetime, and that moving ranks as one of the most stressful events in life. it is strange how we are opt to do it so often.

When we move you – We mean business


Moving locally usually means there is so much to do and so little time to get it all done. Work, School, Children , Family events, not to mention “life” all take priority these days, So why not let Beverly’s take one major item off your to-do list. Get Beverly’s to move your home from the mat at the front door to the tree house in the garden, from the crystal in the cabinet to the Christmas decorations in the attic, we can at the very least take one major headache and make it stress-less.

Just thinking about packing and moving stresses some people so much. but choosing a mover is a lot less stressful than doing the move yourself. Tasking Beverly’s to move your possessions from your current home to your new home, ticks the box for the busy organised professional, or a busy family, where time is the most limited resource available to everyone.

While it is true there are many considerations as to where and why you are moving, Beverly Smyth will take all your accumulated belongings and pack them with the greatest of care, ensuring everything is properly protected for the journey.

What to look for when choosing a mover

Choosing the best moving company can be complicated.

  1. Look for mover names. Ask for recommendations from family and friends.
  2. Start calling. Don’t get quotes over the phone; the only solid estimate is one that you get after you have a moving company representative in your home to carry out a premove assessment, or premove survey.
  3. When choosing a mover it might be helpful to ask about the
    • number of moves they make
    • whether they own their own equipment
    • how long they’ve been in business
    • whether they’re a member of any trade associations i.e. FIDI / OMNI

    After talking to a handful of companies, arrange for at least three pre move surveys so you can get accurate estimate of how much your move will cost. It is the only way to get an accurate moving quote, and it’s usually a good way to screen companies.

  4. Pre Move Assessment/ Survey – Show the moving company EVERYTHING you plan to move. The more thorough you are in detailing what has to be moved, the more accurate the estimate will be. Also, let the estimator know about any factors at your home – or the home you’re moving to – that could complicate the move, like stairs to climb, which might add to the costs.
  5. Remember: Disclose everything.

    The premove assessment / survey is a good time to get a feel about the company you’re thinking of hiring.

    You should ask questions about how you wish the move to proceed, you should not be rushed through the conversation, this is like an interview and you are spending your money to get the best value and the best options for your budget and expectations.