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Fine Art Packaging and Shipping


Fine Art Packaging and Shipping

What is Fine Art?

Historically, fine arts were painting, sculpture, and architecture. The definition of fine art is a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture. Through our 168 years we have been assisted with the packing and transport of Irelands most treasured and priceless Fine Art. From Luttrellstown Castle, Farm Leigh and Aras an Uachtarain to pieces for National Museum of Ireland, National Gallery and even the Book of Kells. Between September and December 1999, we successfully completed The Chester Beatty Library move into The Clock Tower, Dublin Castle.
“Beverly Smyth’s handled all aspects of the moving process, dealing not only with office equipment and furniture but also with the extremely fragile objects of the collection itself. We are most impressed at their efficiency, reliability, friendliness and above all their careful handling of the objects throughout the move.”

Dr. Claire Pollard, Curator of the East Asian Collections, Chester Beatty Library.

Beverly Smyth are acknowledged worldwide experts in the movement of Fine Arts, antiques and exhibitions. Our crew specialise in the highly skilled business of packing, crating and shipping.

Services Offered include:

  • Packing services
  • Specialised Crating
  • Exhibition Services
  • Transportation in Air Ride Suspension vehicles
  • Shipping
  • Storage
  • Conservation

Packing Services:

We offers a variety of museum inspired methods when packing fine art, antiquities and valuable Art object. It is imperative that we match the materials to the piece being handled. Soft wrap: A process that uses clean breakable packaging for the face of the piece, bubble wrap the edges, and secured with tape. This method is used for most framed two dimensional pieces. Shadow Box: This is a technique used when a piece of art work is still wet or the face has protrusions or objects hanging off the front. A Shadow Box uses a simple cardboard collar that fits around the edge of the piece. The cardboard collar extends out to protect and prevents the packaging or anything else from touching the face of the piece. Slipcase: Is a simple, fold container for two-dimensional works. Cardboard is used to protect the front of the piece from any punctures. In this case we use foam to protect pieces during its transits. Blanket Wrap: We use clean blankets and free of tape residue. Blanket wraps offer surface protection but does not offer any structural support. Master Pack: Beverly Smyth uses high density foam and double walled cardboard for this process. Furniture Packing: We use five ply paper blanket wraps to protect the surface face, together with soft pack materials and cardboard to create slip cases customised to suit the piece.

Specialised Crating:

We also packs pieces into Crates that are customised to the required piece. Each Crate is protected with High Density Foam on the bottom for a smoother transit and peanut beads used to fill any voids in the crate.

Exhibition Services:

We work closely with Galleries and Museums on projects where pieces are provide on loan for exhibition. In these instances we co ordinate the paperwork required for temporary export and import in additional to the packing and transport service for both the piece and where required the travel arrangements for the courier accompanying the artwork. This would include the airline tickets, hotels, customs formalities, transportation to and from the airport and gallery.


Our fleet of vehicles, all have air ride suspension and GPS tracking.


We work closely with airlines to ensure that items are stowed safely and securely in the airfreight using only the most direct route and aircraft suitable for carrying items of this nature. .


It is important to understand the correct conditions for storing objects of fine art. We have a monitored, alarmed secure facility with CCTV in which we store items in wooden storage containers and steel units that are operated by our computerised gantry system. Currently the only operational facility of its kind in Ireland. Private viewing rooms are made available upon request.


Have worked on specific project with clients over the years we have we have develops relationships with Conservators of furniture, paintings and tapestries.