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Office Relocation

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Office Relocations – We mean business when we move you – so much to do – so little time

  • Knowing everything that must be done
  • Knowing when each task must be completed Without both of these, your office move could be a nightmare.
  • You could be blind-sided by problems you never saw coming
  • You have to reinvent the wheel
  • You may blow the budget because of unforeseen issues
  • You have to feel your way blindly through the process you have never attempted before.
  • You may miss your move deadline!

If you have both of these, your move will be calm, organized and professional:

  • You know what to expect
  • You can ensure there is no interruption to your business activities
  • You get instant answers and instant feedback
  • You can plan your office move – without the learning curve.

Services Offered

  • Office Relocation
  • On-site Facilities Management
  • Project & Move Management

Additional services can include:

  • Move Labelling
  • Computer and Server decommission and re commission
  • Packing & Unpacking Services
  • Crate rental services
  • Crating Services
  • Storage -Temporary or permanent help managing the on-site and off-site physical assets of your businesses: your furniture, documents and equipment
  • Strategic planning
  • Modular Office Furniture Installation & Reconfiguration Services
  • Environmentally-Friendly Furniture Disposal
  • New Furniture Planning & Acquisition

Types of project carried out:

  • Relocation of equipment for surgical centers, laboratories, hospital and exam rooms
  • Library and/or File Moves
  • University and school relocations
  • Library relocations and integrations
  • Medical file moves
  • Research and Laboratory Relocations
  • Packing and unpacking of scientific libraries
  • Scientific equipment storage & asset management
  • Specialized glassware packing services
  • Disconnects and reconnects of bench-top equipment
  • Systems Furniture Services – Project Design & Space Planning
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